Monday, August 2, 2010

Bridal Headpieces - Defined!

Shopping for hair jewelry can be overwhelming, so many styles, terms, and names.  We're here to make it easier.  When shopping for hair pieces, here are the five most common styles you'll find.

1. Tiara - Sits on the top of the head, princess style.  A showcase piece, usually with lots of sparkle.  It is similar to a crown, but doesn't circle around your whole head.  A half crown sits like a tiara but without the height.  One of our most popular tiaras is the Les Beaux tiara (above, $229).

2. Headband - Sits flat across the head and extends down to the ears.  Some headbands stop above the ears while others extend behind them.  The ends of the headband are usually hidden with hair.  Above, Callie Headband by Avant Bride NYC, $220

3.  Haircomb - A small jeweled piece usually one to four inches in length, attached to a comb.  Haircombs are very versatile and can be worn in front, back, or on the side of just about any hairstyle. Above, Emma Comb, $98

4.  Hairpins - Tiny gems attached to an open hairpin.  Usually sold in sets or three, five, or six.  Hairpins are worn by sliding them unto a bun or updo.  Learn how to wear hairpins here.  Above, Hollywood Glam Pins, $149 for a set of three.

5. Fascinator - A delicate headpiece made of fabric, feathers, or flowers.  Usually sits on top of the head and is worn in place of a traditional veil.  Learn more about fascinators hereTessa above, $150 by Avant Bride NYC.

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