Monday, November 1, 2010

Bunion Friendly Wedding Shoes

So no one likes to talk about icky bunions, but they can be such a pain when you're looking for fashionable shoes.  Don't fret about your wedding day shoes!  As someone with an annoying bunion, I feel your pain.

The trick with finding a shoe that won't make your bunion too angry is to look for a shoe with a spacious toe box area (Which unfortunately means no no to pointy toed shoes!).   Here are my top five picks for wedding shoes that won't hurt you feet!

From Left to Right
1.  Gaga by Benjamin Adams.  Shoes designed by European designers tend to be more roomy, which gives you plenty of room for your toe spacer, and is perfect for inserting a foot petal.  $375.

2.  Summer by Pink Paradox London, another European company, features a spacious toe box area with delicate cut outs that are large enough to cover the side of your toe.  $79.

3.  Robin by Saugus.  The delicate silk fabric on this shoe gently cradles your foot.  Fabric wraps, but won't push against your foot, so it almost feels like you're not wearing anything. $98.

4.  Erica by Dyeables.  Extra cushion around the toe provides comfort, gentle stretching will help.  $79.

5.  Liza by Benjamin Adams.  Another European cut shoe with lots of room for toe spacers and extra cushion.  $175

If you do find a shoe you love and it's a little too tight, try having your cobbler stretch them with a professional shoe stretcher.  If that doesn't work, try an old dancer's trick.  Have your cobbler lightly score the inside fabric of the shoe in an "x" where your bunion presses against the side to relieve some of the pressure.   This has to be done very carefully to avoid damaging the shoe. Never fear though, even with a bunion you can have beautiful wedding or special event shoes.  Stop in the shop for a personalized shoe fitting anytime.

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