Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding Accessory Shopping 101

Ready to shop for your wedding accessories?  Seven things to know before you go.

1.  Bring pictures of your dress...don't even think about trying to buy a veil or jewelry before you've found your dress.

2.  Wear a white top to help you visualize.  Bonus points for wearing a neckline that matches the neckline of your dress.

3.  Bring one trusted person, whether it's mom or a friend, you'll want a second opinion.  But don't bring a whole gaggle of girls, too many opinions can be overwhelming.

4.  Bring any jewelry you already have.  It's easier to match Grandma's pearls if you have them with you.  And leave the watch and other personal jewelry home.  You don't want to risk losing anything at the store.

5.  Have a vision.  Do you want to feel like a knock out glamorous bride?  Do you like the look of vintage jewelry?  Having an idea of what you're looking for will help keep you focused.

6.  Style your hair.  It's hard to try on hair accessories for an updo when you have your hair down and curly.  Consider coming to shop for accessories after your hair trial to get the best idea of what you'll look like.

7.  Have fun.  Accessory shopping should be enjoyable.  Try not to get too overwhelmed by the small stuff.

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