Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blue Wedding Shoes !

Our beautiful bride Cynthia was blessed with having two wedding ceremonies in one day! She was married in a traditional Catholic Church followed by a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony in Chicago.
She gave us her wedding invitation and asked us to dye her Angela Nuran bridal shoes to match. She opted for a beautiful blue buckle adornment on the shoe. Her blue wedding shoes match her fiance's wedding suit perfectly! All of our Angela Nuran shoes are made of pure luxe silk and crafted to dye whatever color you desire. She loved them so much that she ordered a pair of Angela Nuran shoes in black silk after her wedding! All  photos are by Chicago Wedding Photographer, Angela Garbot Photography
Just Married, walking on the bridge over the Chicago River
Photo by: Angela Garbot Photography

Comfortable Wedding Shoes By Angela Nuran
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The Angela Nuran Astoria Wedding Shoe Dyed a rich blue with the Antique "Something Blue" Buckle
All Of Angela Nuran Shoes have interchangeable buckles!
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Such a pretty wedding shoe shot by
"It's all in the details"

Always a perfect pose. Cynthia wore a gorgeous lace wedding gown with gorgeous back detailing.
Her dear Mother bought her light blue topaz earrings and a matching necklace. She carried through the "Something Blue" theme in her wedding brilliantly!
Photo by

Merci Beaucoup Cynthia for your wonderful review of The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery!
(As Published on Wedding Wire and Yelp)
"I went to the Left Bank specifically to look at and try on Angela Nuran shoes.  I purchased Angela Nuran's Astoria shoes with the Antique brooch.  I had them custom dyed to match my wedding color.  They turned out perfect.  Not only did the look beautiful, but they were comfortable as well - more comfortable than I ever thought a pair of heels could feel.  After my wedding, I bought a second pair in black!  In addition to the shoes, I purchased a decorative hair clip and a bracelet for my wedding, plus other jewelry to wear to the brunch the day after the wedding.  The Left Bank has such pretty jewelry and accessories, not just for bridal and weddings.  The staff is friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.  Sign up for their e-mail list.  They have great events and sales, even online."

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