Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Storied Table Wedding Registry

It’s wedding shower time and we are always looking for new and unique wedding registry sources for our newly engaged couples to know about. Forget about the dreaded trip to a traditional department store or big box shops that will be eager to hand you a scanning gun. It may sound fun at first but it’s really only exciting for 3 minutes, then it just becomes “buyers fatigue”, too many decisions and you begin to put not much thought or care into what really would love to have in your registry long or short term!

The Storied Table is the perfect wedding registry for  modern couples looking for unique items and experiences. It’s definitely a wedding trend we see increasing with popularity.  Think about it, most couples today already own a lot of good basic kitchen items and simply do not need or want more. Grooms are getting more involved in the wedding planning process and  deciding what they want to be in the household and their wedding registry.  Also, there are so many gift givers (like me!) that want to standout for finding the perfect wedding or shower gift. Besides, they'd be more likely to remember who gifted a wonderful addition to their household vs. that fancy crock pot! (Think gorgeous silver trays, artisinal blown glassware from The Storied Table...) View the latest Storied Table video for some simple yet beautiful styling tips and advice.

Experiential gifts are also on the rise. Think private cooking classes, foodie trips, home styling sessions or donating to the couples favorite charity. The Storied Table can custom design unique experiences you could only wish to receive for your wedding registry.

The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery is hosting a special Pop Up Shop for The Storied Table on Sunday March 5th from 12-3 to showcase their unique and beautiful tabletop selections.
We’ll be serving special drinks and light bites. Hope to see you there!
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  1. Going to be FANTASTIC! Thanks for hosting, Susan!