Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Tips for Selecting Comfortable Wedding Shoes

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Something old, something new, something comfy for your feet

Women love shoes. Finding that perfect pair of gorgeous and comfortable shoes gives us a warm, happy feeling unlike anything else. Why should finding your wedding shoes be any different? Here are five no-fail tips for selecting the wedding shoes of your dreams.
1. Pick a heel height you’re comfortable in.Choose a heel that gives you confidence and you can walk comfortably in all day. Switching to flats or flip flops during the reception will change your height and posture, ruining the line of your gown.
2. Think about the shoes you wear most often. Are they peep toe? Strappy sandal? Wear what makes you feel good. If you always get blisters when you wear closed-toed shoes, don’t select a pair that feels the same way. There are plenty of comfortable, fashionable styles from which to choose. (My pick? Angela Nuran’s Astoria, extra cushion and a flexible sole designed like a ballroom dance shoe. Available at The Left Bank Jewelry & Wedding Shoes for $249.)
3. Purchase the correct size. All shoes are not the same size. Make sure to have a professional shoe fitting in the style of shoe you want to purchase. Don’t buy a size that’s too large, thinking your feet will swell. A shoe that’s too big can be just as uncomfortable as a one that’s too small.
4. Shop for your wedding shoes before you have your dress altered. Don’t let the bridal salon talk you into hemming your dress with a stock pair of shoes or using a pair from your closet. Matching heel heights can be difficult, so it’s best to bring the shoes you will actually wear to your first fitting.
5. Break your shoes in. Make sure your wedding day isn’t the first day you’ve worn your shoes. Walk around your house and practice dancing in them to help them mold to your feet. Add foot petals if you need a little extra cushion under the ball of your foot, and make sure to wear thin socks or hose to keep them fresh and unmarked.

Originally Written for Today's Chicago Woman Wedding Planning Blog

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