Friday, December 17, 2010

Brooches - History & Tips

The bejeweled brooch was an accessory that arose from a practical need to attach clothing in the same way we now rely on buttons or snaps.  During the Roman Empire they were used to secure tunics and cloaks, and in the Bronze Age they were encrusted with  gemstones.  Scandinavian women often used them to secure their traditional pinafores.  During the Victorian era, women enclosed pieces of human hair and engraved inscriptions  to memorialize a loved one.  Queen Victoria's love of jewelry helped inspire a wealth of designs from wreaths to insects.  During the roaring 1920s, the fashion world had its way with what the French call a "broche." a skewer, or long needle. 

The vintage inspired Stunning Baguette Brooch, $88, and it's new petite version, $48

Fortunately, brooches are still fashionable and wearable.  Here are our top five ways for wearing brooches today.

1. Add a designer touch to a simple shoe by having two petite brooches converted into shoe clips.

2. Wear one as a hair adornment. Ask your hair stylist to pin it in firmly or let us convert it into a hair comb for you.

3. A stunning brooch accenting a waist sash is still strong and a look we love.

4. An heirloom brooch is always special placed on your bouquet as a loving reminder of who it belonged to. If you don't have an heirloom, a butterfly, bee or dragonfly brooch will add a playful and colorful accent.

5. Add a brooch on a simple handbag or clutch. It will add a touch of sparkle for a completely chic look...even if no one notices, you'll know it's there.

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