Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Wedding Shoe for the (almost) Princess Kate

The lovely team at Benjamin Adams Wedding Shoes has sent us a special preview of a new shoe designed for their spring 2011 line!  Take a first-ever-for-our-blog-sneak-peak of the original designer sketch. Here's what they said about their new Catherine shoe.

"To celebrate the Royal Wedding announcement of Prince William and Kate MiddletonBenjamin Adams designer Alessandro Pavan has created an iconic shoe aptly named ‘Catherine’. 

With a host of designers fighting for Kate’s feet, Alessandro Pavan has designed this shoe to specifically cater for the aspiring Princess.  Although the occasion will be incredibly formal and full of centuries of tradition, we must appreciate Kate has already broken old traditions. Therefore a more modern looking dress and shoe are somewhat inevitable.  
The limited-edition style from Benjamin Adams is adorned with lavish Swarovski crystals, with an elegant combination of soft mesh material inspired by the alluring style and sophistication of Kate Middleton.  To bring allure and drama to the shoe, multi-sized Swarovski crystals are hand fixed to the ivory silk.
With Kate Middleton being gracefully tall Alessandro has developed the style with an unassuming yet chic mid-heel height. In commemoration of this auspicious occasion a gold crown will be sewn in to every sock lining, making every bride feel like a true Princess."

I think I might have to have a pair of these.  Keep posted to our blog for more information about pricing, availability, and photos of the first pair! 

UPDATE: More information and link to pre-ordering here.

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