Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birdcage Veils 101

Who started the trend?  Movie stars, of course!  Reese Witherspoon donned one in Sweet Home Alabama, then Grey’s Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl wore a bird cage veil at her 2007 winter wonderland wedding in Park City, Utah. This glamourous star has true old Hollywood style and wore it just shadowing her beautiful eyes for a sultry vintage feel .

 Traditional bird cage veils, or face veils as they were called in the 1940’s, are crafted with either French or Russian netting. French netting has a delicate soft lace feel and Russian netting has a bit more volume and has more pouf. Wearing a bird cage veil is a terrific modern alternative vs. a traditional and often fussy tulle veil. They are great on short hairstyles and are so light they can be easily pinned on.

Wearing it on an asymmetrical angle brings on the air of vintage charm and adds instant style to simple contemporary style wedding gowns. For added kick, add an embellished fascinator of feathers, silk flowers or a fabulous hair gem to it. Depending on your face shape, lash length and shape of bird cage veil you choose, we recommend wearing them above your lips, so there’s no hesitation to your first kiss!

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