Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Black?  Is that right?  Can I do that

Of course!  Black will always be a chic, slimming, universally popular color.  I love the color combo of yellow and black, or pink and black that have been popular lately.  We've even seen brides donning black birdcage veils!  So why not treat your girls to some beautiful bridesmaid jewelry they're such to wear over and over?  Have your girls in their matching yellow dresses for spring and some black accessories to add a hint of sophistication.  Here are some of our newest black jewelry finds.  Above, the Dazzle Brooch, $29.

Gorgeous black crystal bracelet set with silver from young, local designer Alex Agudo.  Bracelet, $52.

These fun flowers are magnetically attached the hairpin, so you can wear them in limitless ways.  Designed by MEG Jewelry.

Crystal Ball Earrings are stunning yet simple.  And at only $22 a pair you can afford to buy one for all your ladies.

Another fabulous Alex necklace, made of black onyx and silk.  The irregular cuts of the onyx keep this necklace feeling modern.  $60.

We threw in a pair of shoes just for fun!  4" Grazia Valentine in silk black with a something blue insole and sparkling Swarvoski crystals, $195.

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