Monday, March 22, 2010

My Top 5 Bridesmaid Shoes

The population is still split on matching bridesmaid shoes...some think they're a do, and some think they're a don't..  Personally, I love shoes, and think any excuse to buy new ones is a good one.  If I were a bridesmaid and was asked to wear matching shoes...these would be my top five picks.

1.  Summer by Pink Paradox London, $79.  A sexy d'Orsay back with a modern lattice peep toe and 3.5" heel would look great dyed in almost any color.  The lack of an ankle strap makes it a perfect choice for a tea length dress.  Don't forget to grab a pair of cushion-y Footpetals, this shoe needs them.  Best yet?  Even if they're dyed to a color you don't love, you can dye them black afterwards.

2.  Jessica by Salon, $75.  The pretty metallic color (available in gold or silver) and moderate 3" heel give these shoes a high "wear it again" factor.  They're simple and comfortable and look fabulous with a pair of vintage inspired shoe clips if you want some extra sparkle.

3.  Angelica by Salon, $79.  This no fuss mule pump has a cute bow and a wide heel.  At only 2.5" tall, it's perfect for a short spring dress and would look dazzling in a number of colors.  Salon shoes are available in 15 different colors of silk.

4.  Fizz by Pink Paradox London, $78.  What lady doesn't love a little bling on their shoes?  The name is as fun as the sparkly t-strap.  The 3" heel makes them a "do" for girls of almost any height.  Don't forget the Solemates if you're wearing them outside.

5.  Daisy by Dyeables.  $79.  Another chic d'Orsay back shoe blends just the right amount of sophistication with "girly" bling on the toe.  These look fabulous in black.  3.5" heel.

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