Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Handling the First Kiss with a Birdcage Veil

 With birdcage veils being more popular than ever, lots of brides ask "how do I handle my first kiss with a birdcage veil?"  One simple solution, and a look we love, is to have your face veil designed and cut so it crosses your face asymmetrically just under your nose.  This keeps you looking chic and leaves your lips free for your "you may now kiss the bride" moment.

Have your heart set on a full face veil?  Not to worry, just have a little practice time with the groom before him.  Give your husband to be a heads up that you'll be wearing a veil over your mouth and that it's okay for him to lift it up for your kiss.  A simple lift of the veil up to your nose will give you enough room for your smooch and then your now husband or maid of honor can smooth it back down for your walk down the aisle. 

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