Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Shoe Buying Tips

As most women, we love shoes, but finding the perfect wedding shoes may take some time and research.  Certain brands and styles will fit everyone a bit differently, so you really need to try them on for the perfect fit.  Here are some of our favorite tips to help you find the best wedding shoes for you...

*Bring a photo of your dress.  Choose a style that compliments your dress and your personal style. In the very traditional sense, many feel that a closed toe shoe has a more formal look, but if you love dancing an open toe with a closed back is a better option.  Also, keep in mind the time of year of your wedding is, location and the different surfaces you’ll be walking on.  A shoe we love?  The Winsletabove, by Benjamin Adams.  Available for $220.

*Shoes crafted with sueded leather soles will offer you the most comfort and are the best choice.

*When deciding on heel height, choose a heel you can comfortably walk in with confidence and wear the entire day. Switching into flats or flip flops later in the evening changes the way your gown falls and affects your posture.

*If it’s difficult to decide on a style, bring a friend or ask your wedding consultant. However, do not get talked into a style that is not you, be true to your personal tastes and needs.

*Break your shoes in before your wedding and walk around your house in them. Also test them out practicing your first dance. Do wear a thin pair of socks or hose while you’re doing this since you’ll want them fresh and clean for your photographer to shoot!

*Your seamstress will adore you if you bring your shoes to your initial fitting. Definitely do not bring a shoe from your closet since finding the exact same heel height in wedding shoes may be difficult to find a match for in the wedding shoe world.

*Having inserts on hand such as “foot petals” is a safe bet. They are a great invention and we consider them essential.

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Originally written for our friends at Strictly Weddings.
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