Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something Blue Shoe Cushions

Brides are always searching for two things...Something Blue and something to make their wedding shoes more comfortable.  We've found an awesome product that gives you both!  Introducing "The Bridal Collection" from Foot petals!  These cushion-y shoe inserts are lightly powder scented and the perfect bridal blue color.  Our favorite from the collection are the round Tip Toes.  I personally have three pairs and never go to a wedding without them!

So what are Foot Petals?  They're small, thin, squishy inserts made of PORON performance urethanes which save your feet from all sorts of problems.  Here's the deal straight from the back of the package.  Tip Toes...
*Stop feet from sliding forward
*eliminate "toe scrunch" & "ugly overhang"
*virtually invisible
*protect bones and tissue and cushion the ball-of-foot

All you do is remove the adhesive backing and slide them in your shoes.  They're only $6.95 a pair!  And if you purchase a pair of wedding shoes from The Left Bank May May 24th - May 31st, 2010 we'll give you a pair for free!

 Foot Petals also make Killer Cushions that cover the entire shoe, arch supports, and heel protecting Strappy Strips or Heavenly Heelz.  Not crazy about blue?  No worries, they come in buttercup (tan) as well.  They even have a lifetime warranty.  Now that's something you can slip your feet into!
Images Courtesy of Footpetals

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