Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends - Part One, Return to Sophistication

Our friends over at the One Wed blog have released their annual list of wedding trends and it couldn't be more on point!  To help you make these trends your own, we've taken their list and added some fabulous accessories.  Here's what they said the top five trends for 2011 are...

1.  Return to Sophistication
2.  Outdoor Venues and Scenic Settings
3.  Grey is the New Black
4.  Mad for Metallics
5.  Big Ballgowns are Back

Welcome to Part One - Return to Sophistication

It's back to the basics featuring elegant and sophisticated styles.  Think pearls, lace, and all things romantic.  While gentle silks and delicate alencon lace with help you feel understated and beautiful, there's still plenty of room for sparkle.

Our must list for a sophisticated wedding includes...

The Lady Sash, $229,  delicate hand-cut silk box-y flowers on a creamy ribbon accented with vintage inspired crystals.

One of a kind pieces, like the Beau Bracelet, $179, add whimsy and glamour.

Creamy pearls dangling from flower inspired crystals are completely romantic and anything but stuffy.  Lorna Earrings by Avant Bride, $129.

A sophisticated shoe will complete your look!  Brand new for 2011, Benjamin Adams' Salma, $199 with a fold over pleat and Swarovski crystal accent will look classic for years to come.

We're pleased to have blogged about this trend back in September and glad it's here to stay.  Read our post on the "LadyLike" Wedding for more ideas.

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