Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends - Part Two Outdoor Venues

Our friends over at the One Wed blog have released their annual list of wedding trends and it couldn't be more on point!  To help you make these trends your own, we've taken their list and added some fabulous accessories.

Part Two - Outdoor Venues and Scenic Settings

It may be hard to envision the perfect outdoor wedding right now with all the snow, but come spring, we'll all be clamoring for soft pastels and floral inspirations.  Don't make your outdoor venue feel out of place with traditional indoor feeling jewelry and decor.  Opt for something nature inspired and airy feeling.  We love designers like Avant Bride and Meg Wedding Jewelry who take their cues from nature and all things organic.

The Tessa Haircomb, $150, by Avant Bride

A birdcage veil feels right at home at an outdoor ceremony.  Vintage style Cocktail Hat, $88.

Keep your bridesmaids and guests from getting chilly with Embroidered Pashminas, $36 each.

Soft and subtle, the Gabrielle Lariat, $269 is the perfect earth toned necklace, by Meg Wedding Jewelry.

2011 Wedding Trends ~ Part One

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